4 Things You Need to do Before Moving Day

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The lease is signed, the boxes are packed (OK, so they’re kind of packed), and you’re left to anxiously await the main event: moving day. But you still have plenty to do before the movers (aka your dad and his pickup) show up. For a simple, seamless move-in, make sure you take care of these […]


What $1,000 Gets You in 3 U.S. Cities: September 2016

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Here at ABODO, our favorite section of the Sunday New York Times is obviously Real Estate. (Although the copywriters are particularly fond of the Book Review.) And our favorite recurring column is What You Get for…, which highlights three properties in different parts of the country, all of which cost the same amount. That amount […]

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4 Basic Tips To Make Your Dorm Less Basic

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Whether you’re a nervous freshman or a jaded senior sleeping through the first week of classes, the beginning of the new school year probably greeted you with a blank, bland canvas: a dorm room. (Unless you used ABODO to find your apartment off-campus. In that case, you have a good head on your shoulders. And […]

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Fantastic Tech Cities & Where to Find Them

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“History suggests that when technology shifts happen, new geographic leadership can emerge. Life Science allowed for the emergence of San Diego and South San Francisco. More recently, social media and cloud computing allowed New York to take back the East Coast mantle from Boston and for the City of San Francisco to take over from […]


2016 High School Scholarship Winner

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ABODO is your apartment-finder: built for students, by students. We started out as recent college grads who loved our alma maters but hated how grueling it was to find a great place to live. We built the tool we wished existed during our search and expanded it from one campus to hundreds across the country. We think it makes sense […]